23 juin 2009

OpenLayers.trac_.png Un rapide billet pour vous annoncer la sortie de la version 2.8 d'OpenLayers. Je reviendrai en détail, dans les prochains jours, sur les améliorations et corrections de bug apportées par cette nouvelle mouture.
Au menu, ajout de nouveaux types de couches et de nouveaux contrôles, support du contrôle select sur plusieurs couches, support du protocole WFS-T... La liste complète des modifications/corrections/améliorations apportées est disponible sur le wiki d'OpenLayers.

Félicitations à toute l'équipe d'OpenLayers et rendez-vous sur GéoTribu pour de nouveaux tutoriaux labellisés 2.8

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Toute l'actualité de la géomatique Open Source ! Mais aussi des tutoriels, des billets de blog, des tests et surtout une bonne humeur géographique !


un grand merci pour le partage de cette information

Dear Geotribu,
I don´t speak french , but I can read it... the reason because, I found your blog very interesting and useful.. thanks.. !! I still have a problem. I am trying to create a geoextpanel with UTM coordinates using OpenLayers...

it is quite simple.... here my script from my openlayers (draft)

f. ex.

var lon = 247072.497;
var lat = 6618044.195;
var zoom = 5;
var map;

function init(){
var options = {
maxExtent: new OpenLayers.Bounds(-35000,6292191, 260090,7800421),
maxResolution: 5500,
units: 'm',
projection: "EPSG:32633"};

This works perfect in pure openLayers.....

My problem... is when I try to build this funtion inside the Ext.Onready(funtion)..it does not work... Unfortunately, I only found this example regading the topic:


And it did not helped me much :-(

I am pretty new to Geoext... and would like to know if there is someone experiencing same difficulties to create a simple map with diffent coordinates than default..?

Best regards

I'm trying to help as much as I can.
But you didn't give me enough informations. I don't think the problem come from the Ext.Onready(funtion).
Do you have a javascript error? try to use firebug (for firefox) and give me the error message.
With this one we should be able to find what's wrong.